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African Worlds in Guanghzou

Field Course 2019-2020


The Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has emerged as a global trading hub, attracting people worldwide. It is site of cultural encounter, and an important node in the South-South web of relations. Affordable copies and knockoff goods made in China are often brought back to consumers in African countries by African traders themselves. Some of these transnational
merchants also migrate to the city in search of new opportunities, hoping to establish their lives there.

Course Structure

I: Project course introduction/ development of your research project*
(Fall semester)
-Read and discuss literature about migration, cultural encounter, and globalization processes in the Global South
-Choose your thematic focus and field site
-Learn about associated research methods
-Research proposal write-up for further funding

II: Fieldwork
(6 weeks January to mid-February 2020)
-Work in groups and individually, guided by a faculty member
-Visit research institutions, meet experts, conduct your own study and analyze daily social realities in a Southern Chinese city, as well as your own position as a researcher

III: Analysis of findings and write up of projects
(Spring semester)

*Research projects are guided by a faculty member and a portion of the travel
expenses are funded by Institute of Anthropology.
*Your final research project can potentially serve as a basis for the development
of a Master thesis.


Join us on May 23rd from 12:15 to 13:30 in the Seminar Room of the Institute of Anthropology, Münsterplatz 19.
Lesley Braun, and Till Forster, chair of anthropology, will provide more information on how the field course will be organised, travel details, the dates and places that we will visit, as well as help with brainstorming about potential projects. We will also provide more information about how to obtain extra funding.