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Habilitation Completed – Privatdozent Granted to PD Piet van Eeuwijk

In March 2018 Piet van Eeuwijk has completed his ‘Habilitation’ and was granted ‘Privatdozent’ at the University of Zurich. Congratulations!


Piet van Eeuwijk has successfully completed his ‚Habilitation’ at the end of 2017 in the field of Social Anthropology (sub-field: Medical Anthropology), which is based on his research in Southeast Asia (Insular and Mainland) and East Africa (Insular and Mainland). His particular study topics were: Ageing, Old Age and Health; Care and Vulnerability; Medical Anthropology and Global Health; Medical Anthropology, Public Health and Neglected Tropical Diseases. On March 2, 2018, he was granted ‘Privatdozent’ and the corresponding ‘Venia legendi’ after a lecture and a colloquium at the faculty meeting of the University of Zurich.