Mamane Tassiou Amadou

Doktorand (Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät)

Curriculum Vitae

Mamane Tassiou Amadou is currently a PhD candidate at the Institute of Social Anthropology at the University of Basel. The project he is working on, “Youth and public sphere in Niger: dynamics of the ‘fadas’ of Zinder” (Jeunesse et espace public au Niger: dynamique des "fada" de Zinder), is supervised by Prof. Till Förster. This research aims to understand the process of youth participation in public sphere in Niger. It particularly focuses on the “fada” which are social spaces where young people meet and exchange their ideas and, more and more, they develop political opinions and become public actors in the city of Zinder.

Mamane holds a Diplôme d’Etudes Approndies (equivalent of Master II) in Socio-anthropology of Development from the University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin, and a classical Master in Sociology, from the University Abdou Moumouni of Niamey, Niger. In 2014, Mamane defended his Master thesis on “Young delinquents in urban area in the city of Zinder”. That research explored the process of violence’s development in the groups of young people in urban area and the modes of governance employed in that case

Focus in Research

Research areas: Public sphere, youth, social and political transformations, governance, state.

Regional focus

West Africa (Niger)