Student Association

The board of the “Fachgruppe Ethnologie” represents the interests and concerns of the students. It forms a link between the academic staff and the students of the seminar. By participating in the regular staff meetings of the seminar, in the SKUBA and the university’s student council the board members receive all the relevant information and can bring in the concerns or suggestions of the students. In the annual general student assemblies, organized by the board of the “Fachgruppe Ethnologie”, the students of Anthropology can exchange their experiences. Besides these assemblies the “Fachgruppe Ethnologie” also organizes social events such as barbecue parties etc.

The “Fachgruppe Ethnologie” can be contacted either by e-mail or by using the mailbox “Studierende” in the secretary’s office. Interested students can also participate at any time in one of the board meetings. Date and place of these meetings are displayed at the FG notice board on the second floor of the seminar. New members are always welcome!

Further information on the Fachgruppe and news are available on their website:

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