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Anthropology Projects awarded 2 SNF Grants

We are delighted that two of our research projects have just been awarded SNF grants.

The project “Intimacy, Im/mobility, and Belonging in Africa and Europe,” developed by Kaue Crima Bellini (PhD candidate), Claudine Rakotomanana (PhD Candidate), Michael Stasik (Postdoc), and George Paul Meiu (as P.I.) will investigate how emerging intimacies drive the intensification of mobility and what kinds of arrangements, attachments, and arrestments movement generates, with a focus on England, Ghana, Kenya, and Madagascar.

The project “Inheriting Futures: Objects, Time, Knowledge,” developed by Zainabu Jallo (Postdoc) and George Paul Meiu (co-P.I./Partner) with Lorena Rizzo (P.I.) and other colleagues at the Center of African Studies will explore inheritance as a process of passing down objects to reproduce collectivities and institutions into the future, with a focus on Africa (South Africa, Namibia), the Afro-Atlantic (Brazil), and Eastern Europe (Kosovo and Romania).