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Out now: Basel Papers on Political Transformations (18/19)

Title: Aesthetics of Articulation

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New Research project: Exploring migrant decision-making in West Africa (MIGCHOICE)

Dr Michelle Engeler is part of a new research project that will explore migration decision-making and development in West Africa. The project, which is being led by the University of Birmingham, will explore how interventions in areas such...

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New Publication: Cities of Entaglement: Social Life in Johannesburg and Maputo Through Ethnographic Comparison

By Dr. Barbara Heer

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Rita Kesselring is new editor-in-chief of Anthropology Southern Africa

Dr. Rita Kesselring is the new editor-in-chief of the journal Anthropology Southern Africa
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NBN author-interview podcast with Rita Kesselring on her book Bodies of Truth (SUP 2017)

Listen to a one-hour podcast of a conversation between Susan Thomson, Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Colgate University and Dr. Rita Kesselring on the book Bodies of Truth: Law, Memory and Emancipation in...

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"Chronicity, Precarity and Uncertainty in Elder Care" - New Publication by Piet van Eeuwijk

'Precarity, Assemblages and Indonesian Elder Care' in Journal 'Medical Anthropology'
Cover M Engeler Youth and the State in Guinea

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New Publication: Youth and the State in Guinea: Meandering Lives by Dr Michelle Engeler

The monograph published by transcript introduces the perspective of »meandering lives« to grasp being young and growing up in the Guéckédou borderland, a remote space approximately 700 kilometers southeast of Conakry, Guinea's capital. It...

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The roles of a Grandmother in African societies – please do not send them to old people’s homes

New Publication by Janet Michel et al. inclusive co-author Piet van Eeuwijk
Foto by Lesley Braun

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Ambizione Grant Awarded to Lesley Braun

Lesley Braun has been awarded with the Ambizione Grant of the Swiss National Foundation for the project "The Travail and Travels of Congolese Transnational Trader Women".

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Prof. Dr. Till Förster als Experte bei Maischberger (ARD)

Am 14.08.2019 wurde Prof. Dr. Till Förster als Experte für die Sendung Maischberger im ersten deutschen Fernsehen aufgeboten. Dabei handelt es sich um ein politisches Magazin, in dem aktuelle Fragen diskutiert werden. Prof. Förster wurde...