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Black Lives Matter - Launch of new website

In response to the Black Lives Matter protests in Basel and globally, the Centre for African Studies and the Urban Studies program at the University of Basel launch this website as a platform for listening and learning from all members of...

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New Publication by Dr. Andrea Kaiser-Grolimund

Transfigurations of Aging - Everyday self-care in a civil servant milieu of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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Read Marta Rudnicka on the research blog of the University of Basel

When Fieldwork Meets Pandemic in Northern Ghana

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New Publication by Lesley Braun

In: Oxford Research Encyclopedia, African History

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New Publication by Brigit Obrist and Piet van Eeuwijk in Journal 'Medical Anthropology'

Medical Anthropology in, of, for and with Africa: Three Hotspots

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Amanda Hammar's lecture at the 5th JJ Bachofen Lecture (2019) is now on YouTube

Neither property nor personhood are uncontested concepts or static empirical realities. Each term has its own contextual meanings shaped by specific yet changing historical, spatial, social, cultural, political and economic conditions....

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New Publications in Medical Anthropology - Public Health with Co-Author Piet van Eeuwijk

Three articles as outcomes of research cooperation in the intersection Medical Anthropology and Public Health/Epidemiology

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Out now: Basel Papers on Political Transformations (20/21)

Title: Ethnographic Vignettes - Social Change and Social Encounters in Solwezi, Northwestern Zambia

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Wegen Coronavirus

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Silke Oldenburg bei Radio SRF 2 Kultur

Tandem - Unter Nachbarn. Sie sind Nachbarn und doch trennen sie Welten: Der Bauer Lukas Rediger vom Margarethengut in Basel und die Ethnologin Silke Oldenburg.