10 Apr 2024
16:15  - 18:00

Münsterplatz 19

Institute of Social Anthropology

Kolloquium / Seminar

Behind the Scenes: Work in Progress - Overcoming Challenges with Writing

Event organized by the Fachgruppe Ethnologie

This week's event is organised by the anthropological student association (FG Ethnologie) and concerns the topic of writing in a practical approach. Organised in the format of a “World Café” students are invited to bring in their questions about the process of writing and its challenges and have the opportunity to discuss them with professors, lecturers and other students. The setting of the World Café Method invites people to discuss their questions in smaller (more intimate) groups instead of a big classroom setting with the possibility to change the tables (topics) in order to profit from our experts as much as possible.
We have invited several staff members of the anthropological seminar to answer your questions and share their own personal tips and tricks. The FG Ethnologie is pleased to announce that we have the following staff members with the following topics available:

  • Lesley Nicole Brown - Writer’s Block
  • Nadja Bellardi - Storytelling 
  • Sandra Burri - Administrative/formal questions
  • Another guest to be defined

The session thrives from active participation of the participants, so be ready to ask many questions and also to share your own experiences and tips and tricks!

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