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Silke Oldenburg bei Radio SRF 2 Kultur

Tandem - Unter Nachbarn. Sie sind Nachbarn und doch trennen sie Welten: Der Bauer Lukas Rediger vom Margarethengut in Basel und die Ethnologin Silke Oldenburg.

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New SNF Project (2020-2022)

Life in the West African Savannah since the 1970s: Hegemony and autonomy

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For Sidney

Obituary for Prof Sidney Kasfir by Prof Till Förster

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Silke Oldenburg im Deutschlandfunk

Silke Oldenburg spricht über ihre Arbeit zu Humor und Krieg im Deutschlandfunk.

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Out now: Basel Papers on Political Transformations (18/19)

Title: Aesthetics of Articulation

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New Research project: Exploring migrant decision-making in West Africa (MIGCHOICE)

Dr Michelle Engeler is part of a new research project that will explore migration decision-making and development in West Africa. The project, which is being led by the University of Birmingham, will explore how interventions in areas such...

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New Publication: Cities of Entaglement: Social Life in Johannesburg and Maputo Through Ethnographic Comparison

By Dr. Barbara Heer

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Rita Kesselring is new editor-in-chief of Anthropology Southern Africa

Dr. Rita Kesselring is the new editor-in-chief of the journal Anthropology Southern Africa
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NBN author-interview podcast with Rita Kesselring on her book Bodies of Truth (SUP 2017)

Listen to a one-hour podcast of a conversation between Susan Thomson, Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Colgate University and Dr. Rita Kesselring on the book Bodies of Truth: Law, Memory and Emancipation in...

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"Chronicity, Precarity and Uncertainty in Elder Care" - New Publication by Piet van Eeuwijk

'Precarity, Assemblages and Indonesian Elder Care' in Journal 'Medical Anthropology'