Lotte Knakkergaard Nielsen MA

Doktorandin (Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät)

Curriculum Vitae

Lotte Knakkergaard Nielsen is a PhD fellow at the Institute of Social Anthropology and in the Urban Studies department at the University of Basel. Lotte took her B.A. and M.Sc. in Anthropology at Aarhus University, Denmark. To collect data for her master thesis, she lived in Detroit for 4 months in 2014 focusing on decaying infrastructure and community self-reliance practices.

Throughout her studies, Lotte has been engaged in various projects both concerning urban studies and food studies, experimental ethnography and ethnographic exhibition. In 2015, she took part in creating an exhibition about the harbour site in Aarhus, Denmark. She is also the planner of a podcast series about the aesthetics and sensorial experience of food.

Focus in research

In her PhD thesis, Lotte will be focusing on urban, social practices and experiences of uncertainty that form the city of Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa. This project is supervised by Prof. Till Förster and architect Manuel Herz, and it is a part of the SNF-funded project entitled “Making the City: Agency, Urbanity, and Urbanisation in Ordinary Cities”

Research areas

Political anthropology, urban anthropology, food studies, experimental ethnography, and alternative research communication (podcasts, photography, exhibitions)

Regional focus

South Africa (Johannesburg) and USA (Detroit)

Field research: Aarhus (2 months), Detroit (4 months), and Johannesburg (forthcoming)

Selected Publications

Hoejlund, Susanne; Knakkergaard, Lotte (forthcoming): “Attuned to (the study of) Taste or the Methodological Attunement to Taste”.

Hoejlund, Susanne; Knakkergaard, Lotte; et al. (2013): “Den Fleksible Graense mellem Spiseligt og Ikke-Spiseligt: Eksperimenterende feltarbejde I et kulinarisk graenseland”. Tidsskriftet Antropoogi, Overskridelser, no. 68