14 Apr 2021
16:15  - 18:00


Institute of Social Anthropology

Öffentliche Veranstaltung, Kolloquium / Seminar

Wedding photography in Bamako – on visual articulations of the social

Presentation by Franziska Jenni, Anthropology, University of Basel

If you would like to join the Zoom session, please contact s.burri@unibas.ch.

No one who has had the opportunity to stay longer in Bamako will leave it without noticing the convivial and exuberant wedding ceremonies that preferably take place every Thursday and Sunday throughout the city. Of all the rites of passage, they are celebrated most extensively in Mali's capital; indeed, they can virtually be described as the most social events in Mande culture. Looking more closely, it becomes clear that weddings in Bamako have two particularly defining characteristics. First, they are not primarily understood as exclusive unions between a man and a woman. Second, wedding ceremonies in Bamako consist of a complex combinations of elements from different cultural backgrounds. How these diverse social and various cultural articulations are visually captured by wedding photographers for future moments of remembrance is the topic of my presentation.

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