Internships and Continuing Education


Internships provide insight into the various professional fields of anthropologists and offer a good opportunity to critically reflect on the practical, personal, social and professional experiences of everyday work in relation to studies and future career plans. Internships may be completed during the bachelor's or master's degree program.

For the internship, a maximum of 2 Credit Points can be obtained as "Studentische Eigenleistung" in the Bachelor module "Grundlagen der Ethnologie" or in the Master module "Research Skills". If the internship is of longer duration and conducted during the semester, students can apply for an academic leave of absence at the student’s office.

Participation in a research proiect

Students who are interested in participating in a research project should contact the project members of the seminar. The tasks may vary, depending on the needs and status of the research project. Possible tasks are the transcription and editing of interviews, source transcriptions, summary of readings, etc. The details of the participation have to be recorded in advance in a Learning Contract. Participation in a research project will be rewarded with 2 Credit Points in the Bachelor module "Grundlagen der Ethnologie" or the Master module "Research Skills".