Fieldwork Course

The core of the Master Anthropology program in Basel is the two-semester project course, which takes on, every year, a theme of central anthropological importance. In the preparatory semester, participants deepen their qualitative methodological skills, develop an independent research project and write a proposal for it. The project ideas will be presented in the colloquium „Anthropological Crossroads“. Field research takes place during non-class time. The follow-up semester is dedicated to the analysis and interpretation of the collected ethnographic material and all participants write an individual research report and present their findings in the colloquium „Anthropological Crossroads“.

Overall, the two-semester project course pursues the following learning objectives:

  • Development of own research questions according to individual interests and professional perspectives
  • Deepening and application of ethnographic research methods
  • Evaluation of the collected data in the form of a report and presentation of the results in the colloquium „Anthropological Crossroads“